Where to find the Top Diesel Repair in SoCal | Fleetworks Inc.
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Where to find the Top Diesel Repair in SoCal

a large semi with a diesel getting fixed in our garageAt Fleetworks we offer full on-site and mobile services for all Diesel truck repair needs. We have a full staff of Diesel vehicle specialists who can help address any issues your may have. We provide superior repair and maintenance services on-site as well as roadside assistance in Southern California.

We run high-tech computerized diagnostics and perform all types of Diesel truck repair services repairs, including electrical. In fact, we perform all fleet repair and maintenance for Diesel-operated vehicles, including:

  • Diesel truck water pumps
  • Diesel truck jump starts
  • Diesel truck fuel leaks
  • Diesel truck break repair and maintenance
  • Diesel truck bearings
  • Diesel truck cooling systems
  • Diesel truck exhaust
  • Diesel truck transmission services and repair
  • Diesel truck clutch issues
  • Diesel truck engine diagnostics and repair
  • Diesel truck and semi-truck parts as well as parts for trailers
  • And much more

We also provide diesel truck parts as needed with our Diesel roadside services in Southern California. Please call us today at 562.921.7979.

If you are in need of passing the BIT/DOT inspection for your diesel vehicle, please visit our BIT/DOT page here.